Privacy Policy

At (‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’), we are only focusing in serving you the best utilizing standard practices on Internet that safeguards the personal information of all our customers. At your privacy is of utmost importance to us, thus all our travel experts and members of the organization closely associated with customers comply with all the relevant legislation. The stated policy is applicable to collection, usage and disclosure of any personal information of the customers by This includes all the practices that apply to when using our website ( such as acquisition information about you, in which situation that information has been acquired and how the information is utilized.

What is Personal Information?

The only information you want to impart with us being an individual complying the legal law and practices. This does not include any contact details of any specific business. Also, we have prepared extensive policy because the rights of customers to know the practices and services we follow to bring a greater transparency mutually.

Points to note:

  • In the process of collecting any personal information about you is always via following fair and lawful means. (For example, by registering with us) The personal information can be collected directly from you or/and outside parties with your consent or as required or permitted by law.
  • Not in any circumstance shall disclose the information provided by you unless consensually approved and authorized by you to us or required by law.
  • In case of any discrepancies allows you to check/recheck, edit/re-edit your personal information upon written request and in compliance to the law applicable.
  • Any or all personal information provided by you during your visit to our website or booking with us will be kept safe.

Privacy Policy

The objective for obtaining your Personal information we believe should be clear to you. In addition, no information is obtained from you without your consent for any use. Personal Information is generally requested for following reasons/objectives/purposes:


  • To provide/serve you with our services as requested and to register you with our services
  • To activate your orders
  • For managing your account at
  • To understand your geographic location to understand the terms and conditions might apply for your orders or requested services to flourish
  • To take care of all the queries, concerns, comments about
  • To give us the opportunity for helpful and informative marketing initiatives
  • For extensive analysis to help understand our web traffic better and marketing effectiveness
  • To gather feedback, opinions and reviews about
  • To analyze the data on demographic basis for better planning (not on an individual basis)
  • To help grow our employment at or market oriented jobs
  • For investigation of legal claims
  • For investigation of insurance claims
  • To protect against fraudulent cases
  • For administration of Tripmaggi website/s and software applications
  • To obtain consent from time to time in any circumstance post sharing the information
  • For any such usage that is permitted or required by the law

Exploring our website

Our website can be visited without reflecting who the user is or need of sharing Personal Information.

Yes, we do collect the information if you visit the Website, however, that information is not individual specific. The data is obtained to understand how our websites are navigated, how visitors like or dislike, what catches their attention, where most of the customer stays for a longer period, frequency of staying on a particular page, the kind of searches made by our customers, computer operating systems being used and Internet Protocol addresses from which our visitors are connected. This information is regularly obtained by internet server software on most sites. The information is mostly utilized to improve the website content to make it user friendly and easily accessible.

Cookies and Pixel Tagging or third-party advertizers we may associate with or might place ‘cookie’ or ‘pixel tag’ on your personal systems at the time you visit our website or other sites us/third party we advertize on.

Under this there are devices of small computer files that are sent from our computer to your systems and that is sent back to us every time you make a request from visiting our website.

These devices are designed in a way that collects data to help personalize and enhance website experience. The data obtained via cookies are used in order to create an experience or establish that suits your need adequately. However, most of the browsers accept these cookies automatically.

These are not mandatory to accept and can be revoked by making a few changes in your browser to stop accepting cookies and prompting you every time you visit the website. This might restrain you from using certain features for the website.

For further clarity please visit:

Third-party Advertisers

Almost all the online marketing companies advertize on Internet, and in coming time we may have third parties advertize on our site as well. In such a case, the third party advertizers may use cookies and pixel tag as well to gather information and show the ads that you might seem to be interested in. in under no circumstances shares the personal information of its customers to the advertisers unless there is any specific permissions by the customers, apart from any permission you have provided at the time of registration.

These third party advertizers may use this data about you visiting our website or any other sites so as to provide advertisements that might interests you or related to your usage. This policy document does not cover the policies or principles of the third-party advertisers.

Personal Information When Registering

If registered, we collect personal information stated or shared voluntarily by you. The information collected as such is meant to provide relevant and necessary services to be offered to you. It may include your name, DOB, payment history, personal preferences, email- and mailing address.

Continue With Tripmaggi stores your Personal Information and we keep it secured for future use. We may also collect information about you from outside sources and add it to the allotted profile on our servers, such as e-tickets or itineraries from airline companies. We collect and use all of the above said information to improve the quality of our service to improve your experience with us. We may use the combination of information to-s

  • to personalize the service/offers we provide
  • to communicate about any changes in your travel plans, service updates and new features or outages on our site
  • to make the experience with our site as efficient as possible.

Advertising Factors

We provide you the choice to receive, advertisements, promotions and updates via e-mail. We hope to cater the above items as informative, useful and interesting.

This helps advertize with like minded customers with greater precision and authority. Also, we focus on an effective customer relationship including customized advertisements, promotions, information and recommendations. Please let us know if you want to skip your e-mail addresses to deliver:

  • deals/offers with updated flight specials, travel opportunities, promotions, similar deals on our web site and/or sponsored by our travel service providers and advertisers;
  • a monthly newsletter, highlighting flight specials sweepstakes and other travel opportunities/ recommendations, promotions, contests on our site and/or sponsored by our travel service providers.

We use email-delivery and marketing company guide to send the mails you receive. We can use pixel tags and cookies in those e-mail messages as well. If you no longer wish to receive our promotions, you can opt to unsubscribe by the link provided. You are also allowed to modify your choices if you are a registered member with us.

On-line Surveys and Contests

We keep a track of what your feedback says. Also, we value your comments and opinions. Accordingly, we invite you occasionally to participate in surveys, contest and the like. We always ask for a feedback and your participation matters to us. The participation is mostly carried out anonymously on your side.

We may endorse an offer to win a variety of travel related prizes by sponsoring such online contests. The will to participate or play rests entirely on you. We cannot and do not enforce any kind of participation as such. You share certain of your Personal Information with us, such as, full name, e-mail address and mailing address. Participation may include participation in an on-line survey. We notify you only when you win a contest.

Payment Information and Travel History

Registering with us makes you eligible for booking, purchasing or reserving services, products, and accommodations.

We require you to provide payment information to us here - for example, your credit card specifics like card number, billing address, expiration date, and cardholder name. We keep a history of every booking, reservations, and purchases of travel services and accommodations through our site as originally stated for storing customer information. You may choose to edit your profile as described below in this Policy (Changing/Removing Personal Information).

Travel Alerts, Itinerary Changes: Us and You

When you book, purchase or reserve travel services through our site, you have the option to receive last minute updates about the entire trip and arrangements. These may include-

  • Changes in gate assignment or delays in departure or arrival time.
  • The 'Travel Itinerary & Travel Alerts' can be received by you or your chosen person via email or text messages.
  • Redirecting a Travel Itinerary & Travel Alert to someone else other than yourself makes us collect Personal Information about that other person too. It is required to send the requested Travel Itinerary & Travel Alert (i.e., that person's name, contact number or e-mail address).
  • You warrant and verify that any such person to whom you direct a Travel Itinerary & Travel Alert is a familial, known person with whom you have a family or personal relationship.
  • You have to make sure that such people with whom you trust upon for communicating on your behalf agrees to such a responsibility. You represent and warrant that such agreement prior to any such disclosure is agreed by you.

Personal Information Sharing

We disclose your personal information to the travel provider you choose for making arrangements through our website.

For example, we provide all the relevant information when you purchase an airline ticket or reserve a rental car or hotel room, to process your transaction. We make reasonable endeavors to ensure that all the parties involved such as travel providers protect your Personal Information.

To perform various functions necessary to operate our business, we contract for – delivering tickets, processing credit cards, and ship items.

Only the necessary and requisite information is used to fulfill your orders. These companies agree that they will not use or disclose that Personal Information for any other purpose.

Apart from being explained in this Policy, we do not disclose any Personal Information collected from you to others without your permission, except in certain limited circumstances, including:

  • To ensure our business protection online making everyone involved to abide by the rules and regulation set by us
  • to limit liability against us and make it the minimum
  • in response to legal process
  • if we believe that the law requires it
  • as required by governmental security regulations.

If there is a change of ownership, sale, merger, liquidation, reorganization or acquisition of the corporation, wholly or partially, personal Information may be transferred as part of the negotiation process or the transaction. The party receiving such Personal Information agrees to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. Choosing to request certain services such as religious or special diet meals certain religious or health information may be deduced by the travel provider. Your permission is automatically granted to forward such information when you make such special requests. Under local requirements travelers’ information is shared with travel providers. For example, in the U.S. any travelers to/from the U.S. may have their data captured by the U.S. Homeland Security Agency, saving it for up to 50 years. Any other shared information might be stored with other U.S. Government Agencies as well.

Changing/Removing Personal Information

We are committed to give you control over any of your Personal Information. It gives you the right to change your password and certain personal information, if you are a registered traveler with us.

You may also do so, by contacting us at A written request to review your personal information, we will provide you with the same as required. The format would be legible enough to understand as provided by us.

Also, we may request to provide sufficient identification to permit access to the existence, use or disclosure of your Personal Information. Any such identifying information shall be used only for this purpose. We would not charge any costs for accessing your Personal Information in our records without first providing you with an estimate of the approximate costs, if any.

Your Personal Information is kept as complete, individual, accurate, and up-to-date as possible. Unless required your information shall not be updated or changed as and when deemed necessary. The responsibility to provide us with the latest personal information of yours lies with you. You can challenge our accuracy or completeness about your information at any point. After a successful demonstration that your personal information has changed entirely or partially, we will make the required changes as soon as possible.

Corporate Travel

You or someone authorized on your behalf purchasing for a corporate travel must-

  • Notify, tell or state explicitly that the purchase, booking is for corporate travel purposes only
  • Make it clear on the kind of payment method used i.e corporate credit card etc.
  • Agree that we have entered into an agreement with your corporation and have the rights to bind you in our travel terms and conditions until required
  • Provide your corporation the personnel to track the kind of travel purchase done by your organization

Other Travelers

Booking, reserving or purchasing travel services or accommodations for other travelers gives us the right to collect certain personal information about all the travelers. You have to make sure that there is no objection regarding the disclosure of information provided of all the travelers by you. We reserve the right to retain all the information of your traveler profile.

Notification of Changes

We reserve the entire rights for changes in this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Combined Non-Personal Information

We have the right to combine anonymous information provided by you with other users. We use this combined information to describe our customer base, without disclosing your personal information to potential partners, advertizers and investors. For example, we can share your feedback about a particular location, hotel or itinerary for other customers wanting to go for the same destination. Your travel preferences might be used as a part of statistical information to share it with potential customers.

We do not link this statistical information to any Personal Information that can identify or disclose you as an individual to third parties, vendors etc.

How We Protect Your Information

We believe in not compromising your personal information at any cost. For the same reason we deploy security technology professionals and utilize standard technology. Only a certain amount of people on our side have the access to your personal information to fulfill their professional obligations.

Children and Minors

You must be of the age of majority in the jurisdiction of your residence to use our services properly. staff believes that a child's on-line activities should be monitored while respecting their child's privacy.

Storage of Personal Information

We may keep a record of your Personal Information, correspondence or comments, in a specific file format. We can exercise the right to utilize, disclose or retain your Personal Information till required to fulfill business purposes for which the Personal Information was collected and as permitted or required by law.

Contact Us

Reach out to us regarding any concerns, policy or information. You may contact us for lodging a complaint, issues, grievances or queries. We will try to get back within a short period of time (24 hrs to 30 business days) depending on the kind of request raised.

We will advise you in writing if we cannot meet your requests within the provided time limit.

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